1) the condition or quality of being hot; the state of a body having or generating a high degree of warmth
2) degree of hotness; temperature:
moderate heat[/ex]
3) the sensation of warmth or hotness
4) a bodily temperature higher than normal
5) a source of heat, as a stove burner or furnace
6) phs added or external energy that causes a rise in temperature, expansion, or other physical change
7) phs a nonmechanical energy transfer between regions of different temperature, as between a system and its surroundings or between two parts of the same system
Symbol: Q 3)
8) hot weather or climate
9) a period of hot weather
10) coo sharp, pungent flavor; spiciness
11) warmth or intensity of feeling; vehemence; passion
12) maximum intensity in an activity or condition; height:
the heat of battle; the heat of passion[/ex]
13) tension or strain, as from the pressure of events:
in the heat of a hasty departure[/ex]
14) cvb sts Slang.
a) pursuit or investigation by the police
b) intensified or coercive pressure:
to put the heat on someone[/ex]
c) censure; blame; hostile response
d) the police
e) a firearm; gun
15) a single intense effort or operation:
The painting was finished at a heat[/ex]
16) spo
a) a single course in or division of a race or other contest
b) a race or other contest in which competitors attempt to qualify for entry in the final race or contest
17) mel
a) a single operation of heating, as of metal in a furnace, in the treating and melting of metals
b) a quantity of metal produced by such an operation
18) zool.
a) sexual receptiveness in animals, esp. females
b) the period or duration of such receptiveness:
to be in heat[/ex]
19) an indication of high temperature, as by the color or condition of something
20) to make hot or warm (often fol. by up)
21) to excite emotionally; inflame; rouse
22) to become hot or warm (often fol. by up)
23) to become excited emotionally
24) cvb phv heat up, to increase or become more active or intense
Etymology: bef. 900; ME hete, OE hǣtu, c. OFris, MD hēte, OHG heizī; n. der. from base of hot heat′a•ble, adj.

From formal English to slang. 2014.